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16 Foot USB 2.0 Extension Cable

Better Placement = Better Signal


Use our specially designed 16 feet mini USB extension cable to position BearExtender 1200 or BearExtender PC next to a window or away from appliances and solid walls for improved signal strength.
This cable is not compatible with BearExtender Turbo.
The placement of BearExtender can make the difference between getting a good signal and not picking up a signal at all.
Appliances, solid building materials and other electronic devices can interfere with WiFi signals.

What You Get


 Place BearExtender 1200, PC or Mini up to 16 feet away from your computer
Reduced interference
Higher signal strength


Great for RV and Boats

This cable is recommended for RV and boat users since such vehicles are often constructed from materials that reflect Wi-Fi signals.


How it Works

The majority of users will only need to plug in the Main Plug. The Extra Plug is needed primarily on older computers that use slower USB 1.1 ports.


BearExtender 1200 for Mac
BearExtender Original/Mini
BearExtender PC
BearExtender Turbo


Plugs directly into compatible models

This cable connects directly into compatible BearExtender’s models. Unlike generic USB Extension Cable that require an additional adapter, simply plug one end of our extension cable into your computer, and the other end directly into BearExtender.


Connects directly into BearExtender 1200, BearExtender PC, BearExtender Mini or BearExtender Original (2009). Not compatible with BearExtender Turbo. BearExtender 1200 not included, shown for scale only.

Technical Specifications


• Type-A male to Mini-B 5 Pin (USB to Mini USB)
• Rated for High Speed USB 2.0
• Thick shielding to prevent power loss 
• Backward compatible with USB 1.1 devices
• 16 feet length (5 meters)
• Mac and PC compatible
• Not weather proof
Plugs into a USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port on your computer. Extra power connector (far left) for older computers.
Mini USB connector plugs directly into BearExtender 1200, BearExtender Mini, BearExtender Mac (Original) or BearExtender PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the second USB plug for?

The extra USB plug is used to deliver additional power on older computers, such as those with only USB 1.1 ports. The majority of computers, especially those with USB 2.0 ports, will only need to use the main (thicker) USB plug.
Can I combine two of these cables for a total distance of 32 feet?

Because we designed one end to plug into your computer, and the other end directly into BearExtender, it is not possible to join two of these cables together.
If you need to place BearExtender farther than 16 feet from your computer, please contact us at for additional options.
Is this cable compatible with BearExtender Turbo?
This cable is not compatible with BearExtender Turbo.
This cable is only compatible with BearExtender 1200 for Mac, BearExtender PC, BearExtender Mini for Mac and BearExtender Original (2009).

Mini USB connector plugs directly into BearExtender Mini, BearExtender Mac (Original) or BearExtender PC.