We were excited to announce our latest product, BearExtender Edge, at Macworld/iWorld 2014 in San Francisco. BearExtender ships in November 2014.

BearExtender Edge is a long range Wi-Fi booster that is compatible with Macs, iPad/iPhone, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. It can be plugged into any electrical outlet, bringing you a range boost in the places you need it most.

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Superior Wi-Fi Range


Since the launch of the original BearExtender in 2009, our goal has been to extend Wi-Fi range as far as possible.

The original BearExtender picked up Wi-Fi signals 2 to 4 times the distance of internal Apple Airport cards. We have launched a several updated versions since then.

BearExtender Edge is our first long range Wi-Fi receiver that does not require a USB connection so it can be used with iPhone or iPad and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. But BearExtender Edge is different from Wi-Fi repeaters because of its capability to receive signals from a much greater distance than products like the standard range Apple Airport Express.

BearExtender Edge features a High Power Wi-Fi amplifier (700mW) and is designed to be put on the edge of your network where you need a Wi-Fi boost, allowing your network to extend further.


Simple one-screen setup


BearExtender Edge is also our first model that does not require installing any software.

BearExtender Edge comes pre-configured out of the box. For example, if you are using a MacBook, connect to BearExtender using the password printed on the side of BearExtender Edge.

Once you are connected to BearExtender Edge, Safari will automatically open and redirect you to our simple one-screen setup.

On this screen simply select your home router, then enter your password. That is all the information BearExtender Edge needs.


1. Connect to BearExtender Edge

2. Safari will automatically open and redirect

3. Select your home router and enter the password

Long Range Antenna


BearExtender Edge features an external, long range antenna. Standard repeaters often use internal antennas which do not pick up Wi-Fi signals very well.

The antenna on BearExtender Edge can also be easily removed. This allows you to upgrade to an even larger antenna. For example, RV and boat owners can attach an outdoor antenna that is better suited for their needs. BearExtender Edge features an industry standard RP-SMA antenna port which makes it compatible with a wide range of Wi-Fi antennas.

Removing the antenna also makes carrying BearExtender Edge more convenient when traveling.


Shipping and Availability


BearExtender Edge ships in November 2014. Pricing information will be released as retail availability approaches.

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